legal Reform Summit

The 2017 Legal Reform Summit gathered top legal minds, business and industry leaders, and preeminent issue experts to discuss the current state of legal reform. This year, we embarked on an expedition through the "Litigation Jungle," examining the complex and evolving litigation landscape along the way.

Review key trends and expert insights from this year’s Legal Reform Summit, including pivotal research and morning keynote remarks from Rod J. Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General of the United States.

Opening Remarks: Lisa A. Rickard

Special Remarks: Thomas J. Donohue

Keynote: Rod J. Rosenstein

This paper documents the proliferation of alarmist, misleading ads soliciting the public to file lawsuits against prescription drug and medical device companies. The report explores how these ads exaggerate product risks, minimize benefits...Read More
There are serious concerns that many aspects of and developments in the class action regimes in Canada impose unwarranted burdens on defendants and the courts, at the ultimate expense of shareholders, taxpayers and consumers...Read More
The EU is experiencing a wave of new "collective redress" or "class action" mechanisms being introduced in the Member States. However, there is little consistency across the EU regarding when or how actions may be brought, and the features...Read More
Unstable Foundation examines the pervasive flaws afflicting the United States' class action system. Class actions rarely provide meaningful compensation for class members, and are poorly suited to deterring wrongful conduct...Read More

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