85 Percent of EU Consumers Support Safeguards in Any New Collective Action System

September 28, 2017

An overwhelming majority of EU consumer said they would support building in safeguards against abuse in any new collective action system, according to a new six-nation survey released by the Institute for Legal Reform.

The survey, which polled roughly 1,000 consumers in six EU member nations, found that 85 percent would support safeguards in a new collective action system. Seven in ten consumers even said they would only support a collective action system if it had safeguards in place.

The survey comes as the EU Commission is determining whether member nations must have collective action systems built in to their civil legal system. A directive may come as early as this fall. ILR President Lisa Rickard said the EU must “learn the mistakes of the United States when it comes to class action lawsuits” as they consider their decision.

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