Asbestos Plaintiffs' Firm Seeks Lawmaker Backup in Landmark Maryland Case

November 14, 2017

Asbestos litigation magnate and Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos wants Maryland lawmakers to step in to negate the impact of a 2016 appeals court decision which threatens to clear as many as 25,000 asbestos cases from the docket.

The decision applied Maryland’s 20-year statute of repose to asbestos lawsuits, effectively negating a 1991 state law amendment that removed that protection for asbestos manufacturers.

The Maryland Court of Appeals will hear an appeal of the case -- Duffy v. CBS -- on December 1st. In the meantime, Angelos’ firm (which controls over 17,000 of the pending asbestos suits) is lobbying the Maryland Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee for consolidation in an attempt to strong-arm defendants into settling. (Forbes)

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