Concerns Remain over LA Gov's Hiring of Contingency Fee Attorneys to Sue Oil & Gas Industry

October 03, 2016

The Louisiana governor’s office said it has made some slight changes to the contracts of contingency fee plaintiffs’ lawyers it hired to sue oil and gas companies on behalf of the state, after state Attorney General Jeff Landry had voiced concerns over the contracts. The governor’s legal counsel, however, thinks the AG will still oppose the contracts. 

Landry has said the fee structure and compensation for the attorneys could be illegal, along with a possible conflict of interest, since some of the attorneys already represent local governments suing the oil and gas companies.

Concerns also have been raised because “six of the seven lawyers being hired contributed to (Governor John Bel) Edwards’ campaign,” reports the Times-Picayune. “Some are experts in coastal and environmental litigation, but others have little to no experience with these types of issues.”

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