D&O Diary Highlights ILR's 'Federal Cases from Foreign Places' Paper

November 04, 2014

Noting the "ever-present anxiety" that exists for global, non-U.S. companies over the possibility they might face litigation in U.S. courts, D&O Diary's Kevin Lacroix highlights the paper ILR released at the 15th Annual Legal Reform Summit, “Federal Cases from Foreign Places: How the Supreme Court Has Limited Foreign Disputes from Flooding U.S. Courts”.

"Certain attributes of the U.S. legal system provide substantial incentives for prospective plaintiffs to try to pursue their claims against foreign companies in U.S. courts," writes Lacroix, who notes that ILR's paper takes a look at “the current and swiftly shifting legal landscape of federal claims by foreign plaintiffs in the federal courts.”

As detailed in the ILR paper, Lacroix continues, several recent court decisions “restrict the territorial reach of U.S. laws and impose more rigorous standards for demonstrating personal jurisdiction over defendants.”

Read the full article here.

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