House Judiciary Targets Plaintiffs' Attorney Drug Ads

March 15, 2017

Reuters' Alison Frankel opines on House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte's recent call for the American Bar Association and state bars to self-regulate attorneys' television ads that hawk lawsuits against drug companies.

"(ILR) issued a 2015 report claiming that trial lawyers were projected to spend nearly a billion dollars that year on legal ads, nearly twice what they spent in 2008," notes Frankel. 

Goodlatte also wrote a letter to legal ad firm Relion, which Frankel notes "could be the beginning of significant federal scrutiny of the way plaintiffs’ lawyers obtain clients."

Additionally, Bloomberg BNA quoted ILR’s Senior Vice President, Harold Kim, who said “the onslaught of ads by plaintiffs’ attorneys pushing lawsuits against drug and medical devices is a growing, dangerous problem."