In the News Today - August 25, 2015

August 25, 2015

Luke Barrett, head of legal and risk at UniSuper, one of Australia's largest institutional investors, criticized the country's litigation funding industry, asking why they "are able to charge 30 percent to 40 percent of the recovery amount." Those amounts, Barrett said, "can often be a multiple of what the legal fees were." (Sydney Morning Herald)

"Common sense prevailed" last week, write the authors at the National Law Review, when a California federal judge dismissed a "putative employment collective action" brought by individuals who wrote reviews on Yelp. The reviewers argued they should be treated like employees, but the judge held that "an individual who acts for personal pleasure without a promise of pay does not have a claim for wages under federal labor law." (National Law Review)

Food and restaurant Author John Fugitt writes about a new lawsuit against popular Missouri restaurant Lambert's Cafe, which is known for its servers throwing rolls across the restaurant. A woman is suing the restaurant after she was allegedly hit and injured by a flying roll. Fugitt uses this as an example of a "legal system that is broken" and writes that "meaningful reform should have happened long ago." (Alexandria Town Talk)