In the News Today - March 16, 2017

March 16, 2017

Securities Class Action Settlements Continue Upward Trend in 2016: U.S. courts approved the highest number of securities class action settlements since 2010. Continuing the growth observed in the prior year, there were 85 approved settlements in 2016, five more than in 2015. Both years are a substantial increase over the annual numbers from 2011 through 2014. Additionally, the $6 billion of approved settlements in 2016 was nearly double the total settlement value in 2015. (Cornerstone Research Report)

Of Lawsuits and Data Security; Old Laws Make New Technologies Vulnerable to Lawsuits: Technology is advancing as a speed that gives businesses a plethora of new opportunities to innovate and grow. It’s growth, however, appears to outpace the law, specifically as relates to data breach law. There are numerous legal inconsistencies when it comes to data breaches, including who should be notified first, how much information should be disclosed, and which group should handle the dissemination of information. As data becomes even more crucial to the evolution of modern business, state and federal governments need to adapt. (ILR Blog)