Insurers, Particularly Start-Ups, At Risk Under "Expanding TCPA Scope"

December 07, 2017

Insurers, particularly start-up agencies “who need to do everything they can to attract customers,” are at greater risk of being sued under the “expanding TCPA scope,” writes Insurance News Net.

Insurers are especially vulnerable to “vicarious liability” under the TCPA when calling prospective customers. With no maximum cap on recovery, TCPA settlements have reached as high as eight figures over the past four years.

ILR research, which was cited in the article, found that TCPA lawsuits have been on the rise since the Federal Communications Commission expanded TCPA liability in 2015. Lawsuit filings jumped 47 percent in the 17-month period after the FCC’s 2015 ruling, compared to the 17-month period before the ruling.

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