"Litigious Nature" of Madison County Leads Insurance Carriers to Decline Insurance Renewals

July 12, 2017

Madison County's "litigious nature" was cited by two insurers who declined to submit proposals for things like property and excess liability coverage as the county's annual insurance renewal period approaches at month's end, writes the Madison – St. Clair Record.

Annette Schoeberle, a safety and risk manager, said it has not been unusual over the years to learn that insurers don’t want to write policies in Madison County because of the litigation factor.

“Madison County is site of the nation's busiest asbestos docket where claimants from across the country bring their lawsuits. The county also had a reputation as being the class action capital of the country before the Class Action Fairness Act moved most collective actions to federal court in 2005,” writes the Record.

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