Out-of-State Trial Lawyers to Host Texas Fundraiser for Graham

April 17, 2017

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham will head to Houston, Texas later this month to raise money from trial lawyers writes the Palmetto Business Daily.

The fundraiser for the Republican Senator from South Carolina will be led by “superstar plaintiffs’ lawyer Mark Lanier” at a time when tort reform proposals will soon come before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sen. Graham holds a pivotal position as one of the 11 Republicans on the Committee.

“If Graham casts his vote with the Democrats, he creates a tie and could halt the progress of tort reform proposals getting to the full Senate for the a vote.”

Graham's support from out-of-state plaintiffs' lawyers isn't new, as last year the senator drew headlines when it was reported he was the only Republican to receive contributions from Thornton Law Firm, a Boston-based firm investigated by the DOJ for possible political donation violations. 

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