Rosenstein: DOJ to Forgo New Memo, But Will Review Current Policies

October 13, 2017

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a speech at the NYU School of Law that he will not pen a new memo on the Department of Justice’s focus in corporate prosecutions, but will instead revisit and review the agency’s current policies, reports Law360. The article cited experts who said Rosenstein’s speech could “eventually lead to major changes.”

Rosenstein used the 2015 “Yates Memo,” which put the Department’s focus on prosecutions against individuals, as an example of a policy that can be revisited. He said he “generally” agrees with Yates’ concerns, and that the DOJ is committed to “hold individuals accountable.” He also said, however, he isn’t sure the memo “got it exactly right."

Any new policy, Rosenstein said, will “reflect input” from outside the agency and “should be readily accessible” to potential defendants.

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