Illinois has one of the worst lawsuit climates in the country, ranking at 46th out of 50 states. The state is also home to two of the least fair and reasonable legal climates in the country — Cook and Madison Counties. 

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Asbestos Litigation Drives Defunct Illinois Boilermaker into Bankruptcy for Second Time in 30 Years

August 19, 2015 | Insights

Asbestos lawsuits have driven an Illinois boiler manufacturer into bankruptcy for the second time in less than 30 years, reports Legal Newsline. Read More »

Tags: Class Actions, Asbestos, Illinois

Asbestos Cases Have Overstayed Their Welcome in Madison County

August 13, 2015 | Insights

Benjamin Franklin once said that guests and fish begin to smell after three days. Well the Madison County Courts must be gracious hosts, as on the asbestos docket for trial earlier this week were 272 cases filed by plaintiffs from out-of-town. And these types of cases aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Read More »

Tags: Asbestos, Class Actions, Illinois

In the News Today - August 6, 2015

August 06, 2015 | Insights

Montgomery County (PA) District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman is expected today to announce criminal charges against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane over allegations that Kane "leaked secret investigative information to a Philadelphia newspaper to embarrass a political foe." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) Read More »

Tags: State Attorneys General, State Tort Reform, Illinois, Pennsylvania

Madison County, IL Court to Hear 300 Asbestos Cases on a Single Day Next Week

August 06, 2015 | Insights

More than 300 asbestos cases are set for trial next Monday alone in Madison County, IL. Read More »

Tags: Asbestos, Class Actions, Illinois

In the News Today - July 31, 2015

July 31, 2015 | Insights

A Chicago personal injury lawyer specializing in litigation involving motor vehicle accidents will need to answer allegations he violated federal privacy laws in allegedly using personal information on police traffic accident reports to solicit potential new clients, after a federal judge declined to dismiss a class action lawsuit against him over the alleged business practices. (Cook County Record) Read More »

Tags: Class Actions, False Claims Act (FCA), Illinois

In the News Today - July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015 | Insights

Breath mint and gum company Mentos is the latest company to face a class action lawsuit over "slack fill", or unused space, in its packaging. (Legal Newsline) Read More »

Tags: Class Actions, State Tort Reform, Illinois

In the News Today - July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 | Insights

Wells Fargo & Co on Friday won the dismissal of two lawsuits brought by Cook County, Illinois, over allegations related to the company's lending practices. (Reuters) Read More »

Tags: Illinois

In The News Today - June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015 | Insights

The FCC's recent ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has dire implications for the future of polling, an essential component of our democracy, according to a piece in The Daily Beast. (The Daily Beast) Read More »

Tags: State Legal Reforms, State Tort Reform, Telephone Consumer Protection Act , Illinois

In The News Today - June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015 | Insights

The recently unsealed Garlock Sealing Technologies database is proving useful to Madison County asbestos defense attorneys who say it confirms the "staggering" amount of money exchanged in the asbestos system. (Madison-St. Clair Record) Read More »

Tags: Asbestos, Class Actions, Illinois

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