ILR is leading the business community’s campaign to address irrational enforcement practices that compromise the rule of law, and fundamental fairness. ILR consistently encourages companies and enforcement agencies to work in partnership to most effectively prevent waste, fraud, and corruption. To further that partnership, we encourage, among other things, the adoption of common-sense enforcement policies that result in punishments that are proportional to alleged offenses and incentivize companies to invest and develop compliance programs.


Suggested Resources

  • Lighting the Way: FCA Reform and Compliance Program Credit

    Lighting the Way: FCA Reform and Compliance Program Credit

    June 27, 2018

    This paper contends that in order to encourage companies to create and sustain a culture of consistent compliance, particularly with regard to the federal False Claims Act, the U.S. Department of Justice should formalize a policy of offering credit for companies that implement effective compliance and ethics programs. Read More

  • Torts of the Future II: Addressing the Liability and Regulatory Implications of Emerging Technologies

    Torts of the Future II: Addressing the Liability and Regulatory Implications of Emerging Technologies

    April 18, 2018

    The second edition of ILR's Torts of the Future research examines evolutions in regulatory and liability trends for emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, virtual reality, wearable devices, and 3D printing. The research also presents a number of updated guiding principles to inform courts, legislators, and policymakers as they seek to address privacy and safety concerns without derailing or delaying innovation. Read More

All Results for Over-Enforcement

  1. VIDEO: Making A Federal Case Out of Three Small Fish

    December 03, 2014 | News and Blog

    FacesofLawsuitAbuse.org has unveiled a new video highlighting the plight of Florida fisherman John Yates – whose case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court after he was charged by federal authorities for violating the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.... Read More

  2. In The News Today - November 6, 2014

    November 06, 2014 | News and Blog

    An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell highlights "excessive regulations and frivolous lawsuits that are driving up costs for families and preventing the economy from growing" as one of the top priorities for reform under the newly elected Republican majority in the House and Senate.... Read More

  3. SCOTUS Docket Includes Two Cases In Which U.S. Chamber Filed Briefs

    October 06, 2014 | News and Blog

    As the U.S. Supreme Court returns to the bench this week, BusinessWeek's Paul Barrett highlights important business cases before the Court, including two in which the U.S. Chamber Litigation Center has filed amicus briefs.... Read More

  4. Holder to Recommend Big Rewards for Wall Street Whistleblowers

    September 17, 2014 | News and Blog

    The Wall Street Journal reports that Attorney General Eric Holder will announce a new Justice Department proposal this Wednesday at New York University. He is expected to call for increased cash rewards under the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act, or Firrea, for whistleblowers who provide evidence of wrongdoing on Wall Street.... Read More

  5. Amend the False Claims Act

    August 04, 2014 | News and Blog

    On July 30, 2014, I testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice on behalf of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. In that hearing, I urged Members to consider relatively modest yet critical reforms to the Act. ... Read More

  6. National Law Journal: Ogden Pushes for False Claims Act Changes on Behalf of ILR

    July 31, 2014 | News and Blog

    The National Law Journal reports on former U.S. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden's House testimony on behalf of ILR in support of changes to the False Claims Act.... Read More

  7. U.S. Chamber: Congressional Reform of False Claims Act Enforcement Needed

    July 30, 2014 | Press Release

    Lisa A. Rickard, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR), made the following statement today urging Congress to reform aspects of the False Claims Act (FCA):... Read More

  8. Orange County, CA District Attorney Takes Duplicative Legal Action Against GM

    July 01, 2014 | News and Blog

    Orange County, CA District Attorney Tony Rackauckas is taking legal action against General Motors, charging the company with, "unfair business practices and deceptive marketing for concealing ignition-related defects and others in order to boost its bottom line," reports The New York Times.... Read More

  9. Florida AG Moves to Assert Control over State False Claims Act Claims

    June 16, 2014 | News and Blog

    In a positive step forward that would empower states to diminish frivolous False Claims Act cases, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office is arguing that "it has the authority to dismiss a False Claims Act suit brought against Motorola Inc. [which] it deemed frivolous, saying it does not need approval from the relator who filed suit."... Read More

  10. Judge: Evidence Not Getting Any Fresher in FCPA Case

    March 12, 2014 | News and Blog

    The government's use of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act has exploded in recent years, but the track record once those cases get some scrutiny isn't so good.... Read More