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Misleading Lawsuit Advertising

As anyone who has ever watched daytime television knows, advertisements soliciting plaintiffs for lawsuits are nearly impossible to escape. In fact, the volume of these types of ads has more than tripled over the past decade. These commercials are not just annoying; in some instances, they are deceptive and dangerous. The problem is particularly serious in the prescription drug and medical device lawsuit advertisement context, where some patients stop taking life-saving medications because of deceiving information in trial lawyer advertisements. Read More...

ILR’s trial lawyer advertising program focuses on addressing this deceptive advertising by advocating for safeguards to prevent consumers and patients from being harmed in the name of trial lawyers looking to make a profit. Further oversight and enforcement would ensure that trial lawyer profit does not come before public health. ILR works to engage federal regulatory and enforcement agencies, state legislators, and state attorneys general, to rein in misleading lawsuit advertising that is harming, and in some instances, killing patients.


Suggested Resources

  • Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle

    Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle

    April 13, 2020

    Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle examines the billion-dollar TV lawsuit advertising industry through five of the biggest mass tort litigations in recent history. The report shows how plaintiffs' lawyers and lawsuit aggregators spent $400 million to target ads at critical turning points across those five mass torts. But this isn't just a marketing campaign-it's an example of a highly problematic, frequently deceptive industry that can pose a risk for public health and mislead consumers and jurors. Read More

  • Bad for Your Health: <br>Lawsuit Advertising Implications and Solutions

    Bad for Your Health:
    Lawsuit Advertising Implications and Solutions

    October 24, 2017

    This paper documents the proliferation of alarmist, misleading ads soliciting the public to file lawsuits against prescription drug and medical device companies. The report explores how these ads exaggerate product risks, minimize benefits Read More

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  1. California Legislators Take on "Wild West" of Trial Attorney Advertising

    May 18, 2018 | News

    Yesterday, the California Assembly unanimously passed a bill to punish the practice of misleading attorney advertising for drug and medical device lawsuits, the Northern California Record reports. ... Read More

  2. California Assembly Passes Bill to Rein In Dangerous Trial Lawyer Advertising

    May 17, 2018 | Blogs

    This afternoon, the California State Assembly overwhelmingly passed A.B. 3217, a bill that would outlaw "materially misleading" drug and medical device lawsuit advertising.... Read More