1. In the News Today - June 18, 2018

    June 18, 2018 | News

    Associate Attorney General Cites Importance of Corporate Compliance Culture; Australian Attorney General Backs Licensing as "Sensible Approach" to Regulation of Third Party Litigation Funding... Read More

  2. NYC Climate Lawyers on Shaky Legal Ground

    June 18, 2018 | News

    Forbes reports that the plaintiff's attorneys in the New York City climate litigation are seeking hefty compensation from oil companies for the act of producing and selling fossil fuels, but are not seeking any type of injunctive relief to stop them from doing so in the future.... Read More

  3. Judge Says Plaintiffs' Lawyers "Overreached" in $37.8 Million Fee Request

    June 15, 2018 | News

    A U.S. District judge said the 26 plaintiffs' firms in the Anthem data breach class action "overreached" by asking for nearly $38 million in fees, Law360 reports.... Read More

  4. In the News Today - June 14, 2018

    June 14, 2018 | News

    Judicial Ethics Expert Says Embattled West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Should Resign... Read More

  5. New York City Lawsuit Against Energy Companies Met With Skepticism in Courtroom

    June 14, 2018 | News

    A federal judge appeared skeptical of New York City's lawsuit against major energy companies during a motion to dismiss hearing yesterday, Legal Newsline reports in Forbes.... Read More

  6. In the News Today - June 13, 2018

    June 13, 2018 | News

    Unbeaten At Trial, Bayer and Janssen Say Cycle Of Xarelto Lawsuits 'Needs To Be Stopped'; Florida Contractor Arrested for Involvement in $140K Assignment of Benefits Scheme... Read More