1. In the News Today - May 29, 2020

    May 29, 2020 | News

    There's Too Much Empty Space In Movie Theater Candy, Lawsuit Complains... Read More

  2. Opinion: Let Colleges Reopen Without Fear Of Lawsuits

    May 29, 2020 | News

    Today, the Washington Examiner ran an opinion piece by Quin Hillyer expressing support for targeted, temporary liability protections for universities and colleges looking to reopen.... Read More

  3. Colleges Say Protection From Lawsuits Will Be Key To Reopening

    May 28, 2020 | News

    Today, colleges and universities became the most recent group to express their need for protection from COVID related lawsuits.... Read More

  4. U.S. Chamber and ILR Call for Liability Protection for Businesses as Fear of Lawsuits Continue to Grow

    May 27, 2020 | News

    Today, the U.S. Chamber and ILR joined over 200 trade associations and other groups calling for Congress to provide temporary and targeted liability relief for millions of businesses. ... Read More

  5. In the News Today - May 27, 2020

    May 27, 2020 | News

    Lawyers Spent Millions On Talc Ads As J&J Pulls Baby Powder... Read More

  6. Johnson & Johnson Takes Baby Powder Off The Market In U.S. And Canada

    May 26, 2020 | News

    Last week, Johnson & Johnson announced that it will discontinue sales of talcum-based baby powder in the U.S. and Canada, which it has sold since 1894.... Read More