1. ILR Research Review Volume 7 Issue 1

    June 29, 2020 | Research

    This edition of the ILR Research Review contains research examining the myriad liability challenges flowing from COVID-19 and describing potential administrative and legislative solutions, as well as papers dedicated to the ongoing crisis in securities litigation, the growth of and problems with the third party litigation funding industry, and insights into the strategy behind trial lawyer advertising.... Read More

  2. ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Public Nuisance at the Door

    June 10, 2020 | Research

    The fourth edition of ILR's Briefly series on COVID-19 liability issues details the dangers that a broad application of public nuisance theory poses for the integrity of tort law and focuses on the litigation expected to flow from the COVID-19 pandemic. The paper also establishes that public nuisance is an inappropriate tool for solving public policy problems, including COVID-19, and demonstrates that sufficient remedies exist in traditional applications of tort law for justiciable harms arising from the pandemic. ... Read More

  3. ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: State Liability Problems and Solutions

    May 21, 2020 | Research

    As states reopen and continue to respond to the needs of their citizens and economies, it is important that they consider offering liability protections to prevent a wave of COVID-19 lawsuits at the state level. This edition of ILR Briefly documents major hot spots for COVID-19 litigation under state law and provides an array of policy solutions to prevent lawsuits from disrupting states' economic recoveries.... Read More

  4. ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Federal Liability Problems and Solutions

    May 07, 2020 | Research

    As the public health and economic consequences of COVID-19 continue to mount, plaintiffs' lawyers are looking for ways to expand upon their legal theories and bring opportunistic litigation. This edition of ILR Briefly explores four projected hot spots of COVID-19 litigation: exposure liability, product liability, medical malpractice, and securities litigation. The paper goes on to recommend targeted federal legislative and administrative solutions to combat abusive lawsuits in these areas and protect the economic recovery.... Read More

  5. ILR Briefly COVID-19 Series: Liability Overview

    April 23, 2020 | Research

    As Americans and businesses of all sizes are working together to get through the COVID-19 health crisis, plaintiffs' lawyers have already begun filing COVID-19-related lawsuits. Limiting litigation abuse is essential to making available the tools and resources needed to combat the virus, and ultimately to spurring economic recovery once the immediate health crisis has been resolved. This edition of ILR Briefly explores the current and anticipated types of litigation coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.... Read More

  6. Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle

    April 13, 2020 | Research

    Gaming the System: How Lawsuit Advertising Drives the Litigation Lifecycle examines the billion-dollar TV lawsuit advertising industry through five of the biggest mass tort litigations in recent history. The report shows how plaintiffs' lawyers and lawsuit aggregators spent $400 million to target ads at critical turning points across those five mass torts. But this isn't just a marketing campaign-it's an example of a highly problematic, frequently deceptive industry that can pose a risk for public health and mislead consumers and jurors.... Read More