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The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s Cause for Action podcast features commentary and analysis on issues important to the civil justice community. Each episode is hosted by ILR staff, and features longtime legal reform allies discussing the past, present, and future of the legal reform movement.

(Please Note: The podcast can be listened to through your website browser or by subscribing through the Apple Podcast or SoundCloud platforms.)

Episode 4: How Courtrooms are Turned Into Casinos with Page Faulk and John Beisner

"Do we really want our courtrooms turned into casinos?” An in-depth discussion on the fundamentals of third party litigation funding (TPLF).

In this episode, ILR’s Senior Vice President Legal Reform Initiatives Page Faulk interviews Skadden Arps Partner John Beisner on third party litigation funding. John and Page discuss the fundamentals of TPLF, the ethical and regulatory concerns and why disclosure of TPLF arrangements in civil cases is so important. They also discuss the latest developments at the federal Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, in Congress and the states as well as where the disclosure debate is going.

Episode 3: Establishing Precedent: SCOTUS Review of Class Action Lawsuits with Harold Kim and Steve Lehotsky

The recently ended U.S. Supreme Court term resulted in a mixed bag of rulings for American companies.

In this episode, the U.S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s Chief Operating Officer Harold Kim and the Chamber Litigation Center's Senior Vice President and Chief Counsel Steve Lehotsky focus on how the Court addressed the issue of class action lawsuits.

Episode 2: Private Rights of Action with Harold Kim and Mark Brennan

Debates are raging in Congress and state capitals over data privacy and the best standards for collecting, handling, and storing personal data as well as the legal consequences when those standards aren’t followed.

In this episode, Harold Kim, Chief Operating Officer of the U.S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and Mark Brennan of the Hogan Lovells law firm talk about the troubling trend of outsourcing data privacy enforcement to individuals and plaintiffs’ lawyers through what are called private rights of action.

Episode 1: The Fight to Save Arbitration with Harold Kim and Victor Schwartz

Will Congress take away an employee’s right to settle disputes through arbitration without having to go to court and make a federal case out of it?

In this episode, the U.S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's Chief Operating Officer Harold Kim and legal reform advocate Victor Schwartz from Shook, Hardy & Bacon discuss why arbitration is a simpler, faster and fairer way for employees to resolve workplace disputes than going to court.

Stay Tuned for More Cause for Action Episodes.