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The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s Cause for Action podcast features commentary and analysis on issues important to the civil justice community. Each episode is hosted by ILR staff, and features longtime legal reform allies discussing the past, present, and future of the legal reform movement.

(Please Note: The podcast can be listened to through your website browser or by subscribing through the SoundCloud platform.)

Episode 1: The Fight to Save Arbitration with Harold Kim and Victor Schwartz

Will Congress take away an employee’s right to settle disputes through arbitration without having to go to court and make a federal case out of it?

In this episode, the U.S Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's Chief Operating Officer Harold Kim and legal reform advocate Victor Schwartz from Shook, Hardy & Bacon discuss why arbitration is a simpler, faster and fairer way for employees to resolve workplace disputes than going to court.

Stay Tuned for More Cause for Action Episodes.