CAUGHT: Hired Hands Bring 'Faux Activism' to Chevron Annual Meeting

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May 30, 2014

"Anti-Chevron activists" were caught recruiting "phony paid protesters" this week to picket the company's annual meeting in Midland, Texas.

In fact, a Los Angeles-based production company reportedly offered $85 a piece to people who would serve as "extras/background people at the protest."

BloombergBusinessweek's Paul Barrett reports that, "Julieta Gilbert, executive producer of DFLA Films, said in the e-mail that the company “need to get a group of people to help us document this event. … We will pay each one of them $85. They will be there for a couple of hours (8am to 12 pm). We need ethically [sic] diverse people.”

Barrett jokingly notes that Gilbert likely meant "ethnically" ... not "ethically."

The local NewsWest9 television affiliate also reported that viewers took to its Facebook page, "saying they received e-mails bribing them with $85 to join this protest.”

The protests, Barrett reports, were organized by a public relations firm that works for the Republic of Ecuador, which has been organizing similar such events around the globe.

It all, of course, relates back to the "20-year-long legal campaign against Ecuador" which Barrett notes a federal judge has ruled "was actually a bribe-fueled fraud."

"None of this morally empty activism," Barrett concludes, "Serves the interests of the poor people in the rain forest."