Attorneys Say TCPA Litigation Has Skyrocketed

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September 24, 2019

In a Bloomberg Law Insight piece, two attorneys with the Eckert Seamans law firm say the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) “has enjoyed remarkable popularity, at least among the plaintiffs bar.”

Charles A. Zdebski and Robert Gastner said the number of TCPA lawsuit filings increased from 14 in 2007 to more than 4,600 in 2016, a 32,700 percent increase. This has caused “numerous market distortions” because businesses are forced to take unnecessary steps like purchasing a database “of serial TCPA litigants,” or professional plaintiffs. The attorneys cite a study from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, which found the average settlement for TCPA lawsuits was $6.6 million. That sum could be “potentially disastrous for small or medium sized businesses.”