Chevron Gets Green Light to Sue Law Firm

April 01, 2014

A federal judge will let Chevron’s suit against the Patton Boggs law firm go forward after finding the firm’s defense “lacked merit.”

Chevron sued the embattled firm in May, alleging that they made misrepresentations to enforce a $9.5 billion verdict. Earlier this year, the judge ruled that the verdict was secured in Ecuador through “corrupt means” by the plaintiff’s legal team.

Since the beginning of the case, Chevron has taken an aggressive stance, opting to litigate the case instead of settling. After the judge’s ruling, the company has sued the lead lawyer and a backer who funded the litigation. Now, they are going after the law firm that tried to enforce the verdict.

Burford Capital, another funder that dropped out of the case, claims that it was misled by Patton Boggs into financing the suit. The CEO testified that Patton Boggs “engaged in a multi-month scheme to deceive and defraud in order to secure desperately needed funding from [Burford], all the while concealing material information and misrepresenting critical facts in the fear that we would have walked away had we known the true state of affairs,” according to the American Lawyer.

As the case against Chevron continues to unravel, Patton Boggs is the latest one that will have to answer for their role.