Documentary Highlights "Asbestos Game by the Plaintiffs' Bar"

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December 21, 2016
A new documentary, Unsettled: Inside the Strange World of Asbestos Lawsuits, highlights several major problems with asbestos litigation.
Newport News, VA, which was the recent subject of an ILR paper, Disconnects and Double-Dipping: The Case for Asbestos Trust Reform in Virginia, is featured in the documentary with the "de facto argument that, among other problems, Newport News lawsuits have the same sort of double-dipping problems documented in a North Carolina case called 'Garlock.'"
The Huffington Post concludes that "what's needed, it seems to many, is a new sort of victims advocacy that exists independently from the plaintiff's firms, defense firms and even traditional sickness-related groups."
December 21, 2016