Federal Judge Says 'Master of Disaster' Plaintiffs Lawyer 'Tricked' Him

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February 19, 2016

"I feel tricked, complicit, albeit unwittingly so, in chicanery, duplicity, and mendacity," wrote U.S. District Judge James G. Carr in an order requiring plaintiffs’ attorney Stanley Chesley to appear next month and explain “why he shouldn't find they committed fraud on the court.”

Chesley, the notorious Ohio mass tort trial lawyer sometimes known as the “Master of Disaster,” was disbarred in 2013 amid claims that he kept $7.5 million more than his share of a 2001 Fen-Phen diet drug settlement. In the fallout, Chesley agreed to leave his law firm and retire from practicing law in Ohio. A $42 million judgment against Chesley was also won by some of his firm’s former Fen-Phen plaintiffs.

The Boone County (OH) Circuit Court ordered that all payments from Chesley’s interest in his former firm be turned over to the fen-phen plaintiffs. However, Judge Carr now says that Chesley and his attorneys “designed a scheme to avoid paying” these former clients.