FTC Warns Lawyers About Misleading Mass Tort Ads

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September 25, 2019

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) yesterday warned seven lawyers and lawsuit lead generators that their advertisements may be deceptive and potentially illegal, Reuters reports.

Though the agency did not say which lawyers and lead generators received warning letters, it did say that the advertisements at issue concerned blood thinners and drugs for diabetes, acid reflux, and high blood pressure. Some of the advertisements, the FTC said, may give the misimpression that the commercial is a public service alert rather than an ad. In a blog post, the FTC said this may lead some consumers to “stop taking their prescription medications without consulting their healthcare providers.”

In an interview, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform Chief Operating Officer Harold Kim called the development “a watershed moment in the annals of lawyer advertising.” According to the article, this is the first time the FTC has taken action on this issue. States like Texas and Tennessee have already passed laws regulating lawyer advertising.