ILR National Survey: COVID-19 Liability

May 05, 2020

Americans across the political spectrum believe that employers must have protections from COVID-related lawsuits as they make decisions about how to safely and sustainably reopen their businesses, according to ILR's national survey.

More than six in ten Americans say that Congress should extend liability protections to employers, and ILR’s survey shows specific protections enjoy even higher support, including:   

  • Protecting businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies, which have been allowed to stay open as essential businesses, from lawsuits related to the coronavirus: 84% Agree
  • Aside from cases of gross negligence, employers who follow public health guidelines to protect their onsite customers should be shielded from exposure lawsuits: 82% Agree
  • Protecting makers of hand sanitizers and other cleaning products from coronavirus litigation: 75% Agree
  • Protecting employers from lawsuits because they asked sick employees to stay home:  74% Agree

“The global pandemic has caused tremendous economic harm to our nation. As employers plan to reopen safely and sustainably, the last thing they need is to face a financially crippling lawsuit despite their best effort to comply with public health guidelines,” said Harold Kim, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. “Any protections for employers should be targeted, timely, and temporary and that no business should be protected from lawsuits for gross negligence.” 

The survey shows strong majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and independents agree with these liability protections.

The full survey can be accessed here.