In the News Today - April 25, 2017

April 25, 2017

First Xarelto Case to Test Views Over Attorney Drug Ads: Yesterday marks the start of the first bellwether trial over blood thinner Xarelto in New Orleans.  Xarelto has “become the poster child for critics of unbridled plaintiffs’ attorney advertising” because these ads invite meritless cases and the dire warnings put patients at risk by convincing them to stop taking their medications. “Xarelto is just one of the potential examples,” said Harold Kim, executive vice president for the Institute of Legal Reform. “With Xarelto, there’s naturally some comparable data that underscores the concerns.” (The National Law Journal)

U.S. Attorney General Sessions Puts White-Collar Focus on Individual Prosecution: During an event yesterday in Washington, D.C. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that good companies don’t need to be punished because “one person went awry.” Additionally, AG Sessions noted that “a company cannot be a guarantor that any of its thousands, perhaps, employees never do something wrong.” Sessions also said the DOJ will continue to enforce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (The National Law Journal)