In The News Today - August 6, 2014

August 06, 2014

Stanley, Chesley, the notorious Ohio mass tort trial lawyer sometimes known as the “Master of Disaster,” may be on the line for $25 million to settle claims that he kept $7.5 million more than his share of a 2001 fen-phen diet drug settlement. Boone County Circuit Judge James Schrand wrote in his decision that “Chesley knowingly participated in a scheme to skim millions of dollars in excess attorney’s fees from unknowing clients, and that he received and retained fees that he knew were improperly taken.” (Wall Street Journal)

Plaintiffs’ firms are creating dummy social media accounts to troll for clients in aggressive social media campaigns, reports Forbes magazine. Although it is not explicitly illegal to create fake online personas, New York’s ethics rules governing lawyers and their employees prohibit false or misleading statements; “obviously creating a false persona” might be considered false and misleading, said Mark Bower, a voting member of the ethics committee of the New York County Lawyers Association. (Forbes)