In the News Today - December 13, 2013

December 13, 2013

An op-ed in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says a pending bill will protect Wisconsin businesses from out-of-state trial lawyers taking advantage of a loophole to file asbestos lawsuits against solvent companies while ‘double-dipping’ into a trust system set up to compensate legitimate victims.

Main Justice asks if a company facing an FCPA investigation needs to worry about leaks from prosecutors to the media.

Industry groups worry that the CFPB is preparing to issue new rules restricting the use of arbitration after a harsh report was published on Thursday. “The bureau says its report is 'preliminary,' but the topics it chose to address seem gerrymandered to denigrate arbitration,” wrote ILR president Lisa Rickard and CCMC president and chief executive David Hirschmann. American Banker

The bipartisan budget deal announced Tuesday could counter some of the funding cuts to the federal judiciary. BLT: The Blog of Legal Times