In the News Today - December 16, 2016

December 16, 2016
  • Lawsuit Advocates Urge Reform for Alleged “Storm-Chasing” Lawyers: Texans for Lawsuit Reform are asking for reform to tackle alleged abuses by so-called “storm chasing” lawyers. The advocacy group wants legislation to strip attorneys of any fees if they are found to have solicited clients door to door. The organization believes such reform would “act as a deterrent” if lawyers know they risk losing fees if they aggressively knock on doors for clients in the wake of storms, particularly after hail storms. (Texas Business Daily)

  • ILR Study Focuses on Double-Dipping in Virginia Asbestos Cases: The best way to prevent duplicitous exposure claims from being made is legislation that brings greater transparency to the asbestos victims’ compensation system. Specifically, how the current system could potentially result in attorneys and their clients collecting multiple times for the same alleged injury concludes an ILR review of court cases in Virginia’s asbestos litigation “epicenter.” (Legal Newsline)