In the News Today - December 2, 2016

December 02, 2016
  • Upcoming Event at the National Press Club on Over-Enforcement, December 8: In the last year, the Justice Department has lost three major cases against companies, in what the companies claim were examples of prosecutorial over-enforcement and over criminalization. On Thursday, December 8th, Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell will face off in a unique debate against attorneys for the three companies, Fed Ex, Vascular Solutions and Warner Chilcott. Register here.  


  • VA Gov. McDonnell Ruling No Grounds to Toss Silver Conviction says NY Federal Prosecutor: Manhattan federal prosecutor Preet Bharara says the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the instructions given to the jury in former VA Gov. Bob McDonnell’s case were too broad will have no impact on Sheldon Silver’s federal corruption case. “Silver’s conviction was undoubtedly based on [the jury’s] conclusion that Silver traded core official action for the millions of dollars in financial benefits he received,” Bharara’s office stated in a brief. (The Wall Street Journal)