In the News Today - January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018

Florida Appeals Court, Regulator Reject Curbing "Assignment of Benefits" Lawsuit Abuse. Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeals has rejected policy language from a Florida homeowners’ insurer that would have restricted the use of assignment of benefits (AOB) language in home repair contracts and that was designed to prevent ongoing lawsuit abuse in the Sunshine State. Florida insurers worry that the decision could prohibit similarly-worded policies from being written in the future. (Insurance Journal)

Attorneys Duel Over Fee Split In $785M Pfizer FCA Settlement. Three plaintiffs’ firms are each fighting for a bigger piece of the pie in a False Claims Act suit against a Pfizer subsidiary initially filed in 2002. Two of the firms, Vazina & Gattuso LLC and Boone & Stone, were fired eight years before the case settled, but each claims they should receive a third of the $785M settlement. The third firm, Sakla Law Firm, disputes their claims, pointing out that it was the only firm to work the case for the last eight years preceding the settlement. (Law360)