In the News Today - January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020

Ben & Jerry’s Says Happy Cow Lawsuit Should Be Dismissed: Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s said a false advertising lawsuit alleging the “happy cows” on its label were not all actually happy should be dismissed. The company said the plaintiff, a former primary candidate for governor in Vermont, does not have standing because they removed the “happy cows” from the label in favor of cartoon cows with “no discernible expression.” (Reuters)

Professional TCPA Plaintiff Faces Racketeering Lawsuit: A Pennsylvania man who has filed around 30 Telephone Consumer Protection Act lawsuits is facing a racketeering charge by the companies he has sued. The companies are saying the man “induce[d] companies to call him, then claim[ed] they called him improperly.” (Legal Newsline)