In the News Today - January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016
  • Delaware Chancery Court Takes Step Toward ‘Curtailing Abusive Deal Litigation’: Chancellor Andre G. Bouchard, “handed down an opinion that makes all-but-unreachable the low hanging fruit of ‘disclosure settlements’ for plaintiffs’ lawyers who sue on ‘virtually every transaction.’” He essentially “told lawyers for future plaintiffs that if they want to be paid for bringing cases alleging defective disclosure, they will have to take them to trial.” (Wall Street Journal)
  • Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Reconfirms Commitment to Legal Reform in State of the State Address: "I understand that union leaders and trial lawyers are putting pressure on you to keep the status quo. But if we don't offer a competitive environment for business, pretty soon the unions won't have any more jobs to unionize and the trial lawyers won't have anymore businesses to sue. All I'm asking for is a return to balance in the state.” (State of the State Address, 1/27/16)
  • Behind the Scenes of the ‘Botched’ Case Against GM: Bloomberg tells the story of how an Oklahoma real estate agent helped alert GM to uncover a “scam” by a plaintiff in a “bellwether” ignition switch suit. That agent informed GM of the truth about a plaintiff who claimed that a car wreck had caused their eviction from their home, but in truth had been evicted because he had altered a government pay stub in order to purchase the home. (Bloomberg)