In the News Today - January 31, 2017

January 31, 2017

LTE from ILR President, Lisa Rickard, on TCPA: Lisa Rickard, President of ILR, submitted a Letter to the Editor at the Hartford Business Journal relating to a recent article on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. “Consumers do not benefit from TCPA lawsuits, nor do small Connecticut firms. It’s the plaintiffs’ lawyers, who rake in millions of dollars in settlement fees in class-action cases.” (Hartford Business Journal)

Mississippi Legislature Makes Move to Rein in AG’s Excessive Hiring of Trial Lawyers: With the Mississippi House passage of HB 555, the state has taken a bold step in providing much needed oversight for the hiring of outside counsel by the state attorney general. Awarding state contingency fee contracts to outside plaintiffs’ lawyers often enriches lawyers at the expense of taxpayers and raises concerns about “pay-to-play,” conflicts of interest, and fairness in prosecutions. (ILR Blog)