In the News Today - July 20, 2018

July 20, 2018

“Finally: A Plaintiffs' Lawyer Who Stopped at Nothing Pays the Price”: An ILR blog details the “twisted tale of manipulation, bribery, back-room dealing and bombast” of Steven Donziger’s fight with Chevron. Donziger’s law license was suspending indefinitely last week for his role in a billion dollar Ecuadorian judgment that was later found by a U.S. judge to be “procured by fraud.” (ILR Blog)

Arkansas Lawmaker Says Retirement Fund Leader Should Resign: Arkansas State Rep. Mark Lowery called on the executive director of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System to resign after a hearing on potential public corruption in a $300 million securities class action lawsuit. Rep. Lowery said he believes Executive Director George Hopkins misled lawmakers on his lack of knowledge of a referral fee paid to a lawyer who did not work on the case. (North Arkansas Democrat Gazette)