In the News Today - July 22, 2019

July 22, 2019

Australian Corporation Argues Funding Deal Gives Too Much Control To Funders: A government-backed owner of the fifth-largest port in Australia says the litigation funder backing a class action lawsuit “has a vexatious interest” that makes the deal “plainly champertous.” Lawyers for the port says the deal gives the funder too much control over the litigation, including the power to intervene, eject class members, and even veto decisions. (The Morning Bulltein)

California Assemblyman Says Decision To Take Labels Off Coffee Was “Right”: A California state assemblyman said the recent decision by the state’s Environmental Health Hazard Assessment Office to no longer require Proposition 65 warning labels on coffee products was the “right decision.” Assemblyman Bill Quirk (D) said studies point to “positive health effects” from drinking coffee. (Northern California Record)