In the News Today - July 3, 2018

July 03, 2018
Pace of Securities Lawsuits on Track to Match Historic Highs of 2017: The rate of securities class action lawsuit filings this year is only marginally below last year’s historic high. The projected year-end total for this year—408 filings—would fall just under last year’s total of 412. While it might not quite beat the record, 408 would still represent more than double the annual average of filings from 1996-2016. (D&O Diary)
Civil Justice Advocate to Investigate “Objector Blackmail” in Chicago Class Action: A lawsuit watchdog group has won the right to investigate what it calls “objector blackmail” in a $9 million class action settlementTed Frank, director of litigation and senior attorney with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is alleging that three members of a class action against Rexall objected to the 2016 settlement not because they thought it was unfair, but because they wanted to secure additional payment in order to drop the objection. (Cook County Record)