In the News Today - June 13, 2018

June 13, 2018

Unbeaten At Trial, Bayer and Janssen Say Cycle Of Xarelto Lawsuits 'Needs To Be Stopped':  Defense attorneys for pharmaceutical companies say the 1,700 Xarelto-related lawsuits in a Philadelphia court is a “never-ending cycle that needs to be stopped.” All three bellwether decisions have returned in favor of the defense. (Forbes/Legal Newsline)

Florida Contractor Arrested for Involvement in $140K Assignment of Benefits Scheme: A Florida home improvement contractor has been arrested over an assignment of benefits scheme in which he stole nearly $140,000 from 19 homeowners. In the scheme, the contractor convinced homeowners seeking repairs from hurricanes to sign a document that would send insurance benefits to the contractor and also allow him to sue insurance companies without permission from the homeowner. Assignment of benefits lawsuits have been blamed for the rising home insurance costs in the state. (Insurance Journal)