In the News Today - June 6, 2018

June 06, 2018

Showtime’s “Billions” Outlines Lucrative Work of Running an Asbestos Bankruptcy Trusts: The popular show “Billions,” which was created by the son of a man who sits on five asbestos bankruptcy trusts, recently aired an episode detailing the lucrative work of those who run them. In the episode, which featured a cameo of the creator’s father and leading asbestos attorney Perry Weitz, a prosecutor offers someone a job “rubber-stamping” claims on a trust and making “$350K a year.” (Forbes/Legal Newsline)

Man Loses TCPA Lawsuit after Filing 83 of Them: A Tennessee man who has filed 83 Telephone Consumer Protection Act lawsuits finally lost one after a magistrate judge’s report said the plaintiff was not “anywhere near diligent in pursuing discovery" in the case. According to the report, the plaintiff acknowledged he still had no proof of his claims against the defendant. (Legal Newsline)