In the News Today - March 10, 2016

March 10, 2016
  • Asbestos Litigation and ‘Political Pawns’: Is the plaintiffs’ bar using veterans as “political pawns” in an effort to defeat the FACT Act? Sara Warner poses the question in The Huffington Post, also noting that asbestos lawsuits, in the hands of some plaintiffs’ attorneys, “can turn victims into ‘perjury pawns,’ meaning that they are coached or otherwise led to ‘remember’ products beneficial to their case.” She sites the findings in the Garlock bankruptcy case to make her case. (The Huffington Post)

  • Trial Court Affirms FL AG Authority to Dismiss Meritless Whistleblower Case: Florida AG Pam Bondi dismissed a whistleblower case that had plaintiffs’ lawyers’ fingerprints all over it, and now a court has affirmed her authority to do so. The outcome of this case signals an important turn in the long history of False Claims Act (FCA) litigation and gives hope for reforms of these outdated laws in states across the nation as well as the federal FCA law. (ILR Blog)

  • State Allies Blog Series: Q&A with the Business Council of Alabama: “Sweet Home Alabama” is home to a litigation system that is especially sweet if you are a member of the plaintiffs’ bar. What does the Business Council of Alabama think about the state’s litigation climate, and what’s needed to improve it? The BCA lays out some key reforms in our interview with them. (ILR Blog)