In the News Today - March 11, 2016

March 11, 2016
  • Where Did All the Federal Mortgage Settlement/Find Money Go? From a new horse barn at the New York State Fair to subsidized email accounts for Delaware police officers, the Wall Street Journal provides an analysis of where the $110 billion in mortgage-related federal settlements and fines paid by big banks has been spent. “Of $109.96 billion of federal fines related to the housing crisis since 2010, roughly $50 billion ended up with the U.S. government with little disclosure of what happened next.” (Wall Street Journal)

  • Indiana Bill Could Protect Hoosiers from Deceptive Lawsuit Loans: Lawsuit loans are Trojan Horses. They appear at face value to be a great deal for plaintiffs, but sky-high interest rates and hidden payment schedules lie beneath the surface. A bill in the Indiana Legislature would provide some oversight of the unchecked lawsuit lending industry and prevent this legalized looting. (ILR Blog)

  • ILR Applauds Asbestos Fraud Bills in Utah, Tennessee: ILR yesterday applauded passage of asbestos fraud bills passed in Utah and Tennessee and urged the respective states’ governors to sign the bills. Both bills are aimed at stopping plaintiffs’ lawyer ‘double dipping’ — filing inconsistent claims with multiple trusts in the tort system for the same claimant.