In the News Today - March 29, 2019

March 29, 2019

Judge Allows Advertising Suit Against Nestle to Advance: A Connecticut judge advanced an advertising-related lawsuit against Nestle that alleges the company has been deceptively labeling its Poland Spring water as “100% Natural Spring Water” despite the actual spring in Maine having run “commercially dry” 50 years ago. The company calls the suit “meritless”  because the water “is just what it says it is — 100 percent natural spring water.” (Reuters

“Climate Litigation Can Backfire And Harm Cities”: The executive director of the Canadian group Resource Works says lawsuits against energy companies over the potential effects of climate change “can backfire.” He pointed to the “backlash” against the resort town of Whistler’s letter to these companies demanding payment for climate damage that resulted in the town’s mayor apologizing. (Toronto Sun)