In the News Today - May 1, 2017

Commercial Claims in the UK Expected to Increase “At a Significant Pace” Due to Third Party Litigation Funding: Georgina Squire, head of dispute resolution at Rosling King, said as a conference last week that the increase of funding options, such as third party litigation funding (TPLF) and companies specializing in buying litigation to fund and pursue claims, will expand the volume of commercial claims in the UK “at a significant pace.” (Claims Magazine)

Federal and State Officials Face “Sharp Curves” In Regulating Driverless Cars: Eleven states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation or executive orders addressing some aspect of autonomous vehicle operations. As more states adopt their own autonomous vehicle rules, “a clash with the federal government is brewing in an industry that is already challenging basic notions of how Americans travel and who is responsible for driver safety and vehicle integrity.” (The National Law Journal)

May 01, 2017