In the News Today - May 29, 2018

California Senate Considering Bill to Regulate Medical Lawsuit Advertising: The Calif. State Senate is considering a bill that would stop advertising from attorneys from deploying “materially misleading” advertisements for medical drug and device lawsuits that either understate the benefit of the drug or device or overstate the risk. The bill passed the state Assembly unanimously two weeks ago. (Northern California Record

Personal Injury Lawyer Made $200K By Pocketing Lawsuit Loans on “Bogus” Lawsuits: A New York personal injury lawyer is being sued by the lawsuit lending firm she scammed for more than $200,000 by filing “bogus, inflated and/or contrived” lawsuits and then pocketing the cash advances her clients received. The director of the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York said the case “illustrates exactly why the lawsuit lending industry requires the attention of lawmakers.” (New York Post)

May 29, 2018