In the News Today - November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017

West Virginia Senate President Seeks to Strip Supreme Court of Budget Authority: In a statement delivered on November 14th, Mitch Carmichael asserted that the West Virginia Supreme Court had engaged in frivolous spending when it undertook a series of renovations to its offices and chambers. Carmichael is calling for a referendum on a constitutional amendment that would give the state’s legislative branch complete authority over the Supreme Court’s budget.  (West Virginia Record)


Bipartisan Bill Aims to Curb ‘Drive-by’ ADA Lawsuits: The House is currently considering a bill that would curb the tide of frivolous ADA lawsuits filed in recent years. If passed, the bill would require attorneys to notify business owners before an ADA lawsuit is filed against them, and—crucially—would allow the business owner to avoid litigation if they corrected their ADA compliance issues within 120 days of notification. (The Hill)