In the News Today - November 2, 2016

February 16, 2011
  • A Toxic Stew: Litigation Financier Launches New "Whistleblower" Business: What do you get when you mix two of the most pro-litigation tools in America today?  The tools in question are Third Party Litigation Finance (TPLF) and the False Claims Act. And one large firm (Bentham IMF) has combined the two — announcing recently that it will begin a practice focused on providing financing for False Claims Act (commonly known as “whistleblower”) lawsuits. (ILR Blog)

  • Author Calls on Bipartisan ‘Pursuit of Predatory” Asbestos Plaintiffs’ Attorneys: Radio show host and author Lincoln Brown writes that “today’s most critical asbestos-related hazard” is real victims of asbestos exposure “being further victimized by attorneys who milk asbestos litigation for all its worth. These lawyers are shortchanging their clients and padding their fees. But it’s not just a little sneak thievery here and there. Plaintiffs’ lawyers also manipulate claims and even suborn perjury in order to drive up the value of settlements.” (The Hill

  • Questions Remain Over Whether Asbestos Firm Tied Political Contributions to Partners’ Bonuses: Both Forbes/Legal Newsline and The American Lawyer keep the heat on Boston-based asbestos plaintiffs’ firm, the Thornton Law Firm, over questions of whether the firm tied partners' bonuses to political contributions.  The American Lawyer reports that Wiley Rein attorney Jan Baran told the publication that “allegations of illegal conduit contributions arise in every election cycle, and it’s not unheard of for a law firm to be at the center of one of those cases, especially when counting civil enforcement cases at the Federal Election Commission.”