In the News Today - November 6, 2015

November 06, 2015

"Importantly, BP pays the $2.3 (billion) whether the proof supports it or not." According to emails unsealed in the indictment of plaintiffs' attorney Mikal Watts over alleged Gulf oil spill settlement fraud, fellow lawyers, and even Watts' brother, grew wary of alleged oil spill plaintiffs. One of those plaintiffs was found to be a dog, instead of a deckhand on a fishing boat. Thousands of "fact sheets" about those plaintiffs also were shared with and reviewed by an unnamed law firm in Chicago. Watts is under indictment for alleged fraud and identity theft in the litigation. (Madison-St. Clair Record)

Louisville Covers ILR's Trial Lawyer Marketing Study: "Feeling overwhelmed by the 'Hammer,' the 'Tiger' and other lawyers who seem to relentlessly hawk their services on TV? It is not your imagination. A new study shows that the airwaves in Louisville are saturated with spot ads for attorneys." (Courier-Journal)