In the News Today - October 11, 2017

October 11, 2017

Alien Torts Unlimited: The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board writes today that the U.S. Supreme Court will “consider whether to vastly expand the jurisdiction of U.S. courts and corporate liability” in a case regarding a bank and alleged human rights violations. The editorial urges the Court to reject the new claims, saying “enforcing sanctions is the job of Treasury and other national regulatory regimes, not U.S. courts.” (Wall Street Journal)

Uber reaches $20 million settlement in class-action lawsuit over text messages: Rideshare technology company Uber has agreed to pay $20 million dollars to settle a class action alleging the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending unsolicited text messages, causing “aggravation and invasion of privacy.” The court, which will hear the settlement approval on January 23, will also consider a request for $6.7 million in attorneys’ fees. (Chicago Tribune)